Ways to Maximize Your Savings

Individual Savings with Training Passport

Active Learning Training Passport

Get more Active Learning training courses for less. Take advantage of this money-saving plan for individuals who require multiple courses.

Whether you're interested in taking multiple courses to quickly acquire in-depth knowledge in a particular technology, or taking a variety of courses to gain more broad-based expertise, a Training Passport is your most cost-effective solution.

Huge Savings with Training Passport

With a 2-Course Training Passport, you can:
take two Active Learning courses within a 12 month period at a 10% discount.

With a 3-Course Training Passport, you can:
take three Active Learning courses within a 12 month period at a 15% discount.

Enjoy Zero Risk

If at any time in the 12 months during which a Passport is valid, you wish to cancel the Passport, we will refund 100% of the difference between the price paid for the Passport and the standard full tuition for the courses you have taken. This means you can only SAVE money with your passport. It will never end up costing you more than the tuition for the courses you actually take!

Duration of Passport Benefits

The 12-month validity period of your Passport begins on the first day of your course. This maximizes the period available for you to schedule and attend the courses you need.

Order Your Training Passport Today

We'll be pleased to take your Training Passport order over the phone, or fax you a Training Passport Application. Our Educational Services staff are happy to answer your questions about how the Passport works and how you can take full advantage of the Passport to meet your educational goals. Contact us now.


  • Training Passport is non-transferrable.
  • The discounted amount should be the actual amount remitted to ActiveLearnring, net of taxes and other deductions.